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Oak Glen Creek Basin

One of the many things that 2020 brought us was an increased love for the outdoors. We started hiking more in 2019 after our littlest Love turned three. At age three, little strolls in nature were a way to get out and do something free, and get away from those anxious feelings of being cooped up with little kids. In 2020 we went all over the place. Now she is nearly five, and all three of our kids have developed a hiking stamina I am proud of!

Our little town here in SoCal is tucked up against the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains, and there is a lot of local hiking. I found a guide identifying 31 trails in our city of varying lengths & degrees, and there is so many I haven't heard about, just a short drive from our home! On Friday after I clocked out of work for the day, we were having a little winter heat wave, so we headed to a spot we hadn't been but driven by a thousand times.

Oak Glen Creek Basin is three water retention basins that collects runoff from the mountains & prevents flooding in our area. They had added back many native plants and is home to some of my favorites including buckwheat, California Oak, and eucalyptus. The basin is home to wildlife too, and we caught a glimpse of the many birds, including a hawk, that make their home there. The trail was fairly flat with a minimal incline, so it was a breezy walk really. We plan on visiting this spot regularly, especially in a few months after some rains and when the flowers start blooming.

We found a trough for horses to get a drink too!

Getting out in nature as a family has been the easiest way to make memories with our kids. They always complain when we load them in the car to go hiking, but they inevitably have the best time. I am finding these little experiences are something I am always looking back on in my Instagram highlights. The day trips or the little one hour experiences close to home, it doesn't matter. We are together and seeing the world together. The big, beautiful world. It reminds me to make sure we take care of each other and the earth we live on, because, what a gift.

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