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Merry Christmas from the Peach Tree House!

For the last four years in a row my husband has outdone himself when making our Christmas card. Taking shoot of 300 photos and hand cutting out every detail into one amazing slice of life. Our cards are always inspired by Norman Rockwell that way. He captures that slice of life so eloquently in his work and we are forever thumbing through our Rockwell books in search of inspiration. The year of 2020 was so many things, but it was also the year we found our love of camping. So we set up our tent in our front yard and had a little shoot. Our final trip of 2020 was at the local-to-us Joshua Tree National Park, and we loved it so much, so he cut out our neighbor's truck behind us and put in a beautiful desert sunset instead. It makes we want to go back!

We are excited to dive into all of our traditions in the next two days; our Christmas Eve books, brunch with my family, dinner with my in-laws. Christmas lights, hot cocoa, and a night of wine & wrapping with my bearded love. Our Christmas Day will be a nice 72 degrees, so I am looking forward to soaking up some Vitamin D while I sip my hot cocoa. Haha!

Wishing your family a safe and whole Christmas, holiday season, & New Year!

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