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About The Peach Tree House

Our story of home.

The Peach Tree House: a messy 1950s ranch home on a quiet street nestled in foothills of Southern California. The floors, often dirty with paw prints and misplaced toys. The windows, covered in messy fingerprints that are often wiped clean, but just as quickly replaced. The tabletops, always sticky. The place where two working parents, three rambunctious children, and two scruffy dogs lay their heads.

It's okay to romanticize a home, and here, it's done shamelessly. Life, work, marriage and motherhood can often feel like a grind, but in effort to see the big picture, we celebrate the little things in the form of storytelling. Storytelling strings together our days and the lessons we learn. The stories in our home include:

Wilde (our eight year old son): The sweetest boy who at his core has a giving heart and loves quality time with his family and friends. Loves video games, LEGOs, and endless amounts of Scooby Doo. 


Sweet (our seven year old daughter): Clever, inquisitive, and sensitive, this girl has a mouth that can be heard for miles and wants to be either an artist or an engineer when she grows up. We can always count on her to help around the house.


Love (our baby girl, age five): She is such a feisty thing who knows how to throw a good tantrum and a changes her outfit 10 times a day, and wants pretty much nothing but to be held, talked to, and loved. Isn't that what we all want?

Honey Bear (the dad): Bearded and brilliant, the pillar of The Peach Tree House. He cusses a bit much but doesn't take anything too seriously, the kind who people always speak well of and rolls around the floor with his kids.

Mom (me): An inching-closer-to-40-all-the-time writer who works at a software company by day. Erring on the side of introverted, I enjoy creating things and sitting in my own head for long periods of time. Often grappling with finding myself in the cracks between motherhood and other responsibilities, I often turn to writing and painting to get it allllll out. And here you are! Welcome to our story of home.


Thank you for the note!

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