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A few poems

I have been posting a lot of amateur poetry on my Instagram feed lately, and I am thinking for longevity's sake, I should be capturing those poems here too! Recently I borrowed a book of Emily Dickinson's poetry, and I was drawn to her use of imperfect rhyme and rhythm. Her poetry enchanted me, to say the least, and after trying out a few others' poetry, the likes of Plath, Oliver, and Stevenson, I really must say that Emily is officially my girl crush. The fact that she was a recluse, hiding in her room in her later days of life, kind of made me love her more. Hiding into herself and drenched of her craft. A true artist, even if the life is misunderstood. I too wish I could squirrel away and do nothing but make art and play with my kids!

I have written a few little poems here and there, my nod to Emily while living in a modern world, coining them on the keys of an iPhone rather than by the quill of candlelight. The intent and heart is there. There is something to be said about the crafting of rhyming words. The rhythm and rhyme will vex you at times, forcing you to rethink your message,. The end result is often a surprise! What if we all wrote in rhyme more? Perhaps the social media trolls may have less to say. A few for now... but I'll share more again soon.

On Rhyme

There’s been quite a bit

I’ve been wanting to say,

But the truth of it is

I couldn’t find the right way.

How somber it is

To trim a hedge not to bloom.

Do we do that to ourselves

As people, too?

There will come a time

When you’ll decide not to stay

Content with the current,

And seek a new way.

And with that, I’ve had it!

I’m giving up prose.

I’m succumbing to rhyme.

(Please hide your eye rolls.)

A simple dream

A dream can be as simple as Yearning for the less. The things of man are frivolous And disrupt us of our rest.


Dreaming of things wanted Can be heavy after a while. It’s the little steps toward progress That will take you the full mile.

Our greatest error

Our greatest error’s believing We must fight our brother for his sins. But our purpose is rather simple. Love is where our duty ends.

Where God Resides

The things we learn from nature Can never be denied. It brings my heart to joyful tears. It is where our God resides.

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