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Watermelon Lemonade = Letting the Creative Juices Flow!

There are times you come up with an idea and it doesn't always turn out exactly as you hoped. I could say that about lots of projects, paintings, and recipes, but as the stakes couldn't be lower and the outcome couldn't be more fixable, I am here bringing you the idea of watermelon lemonade today.

I have not looked up recipes on Google or Pinterest for this, but I am sure there are better methods for whipping up this delicious treat than the one I used yesterday. The truth is, at times, I don't think we always need to look at recipes for things. As I mentioned last week when I shared my recipe for Pizza Sauce, I don't often use a recipe as the gold standard, and instead use it as a jumping off point. Even with baking, I am known to tweak and replace. Most times, I do not use a recipe at all. I think with motherhood, we are often shifting gears, experimenting, and adjusting, because our children's needs a individual and not one size fits all. If we can use that approach to raising kids, we can certainly use that approach to cooking. It's all about testing the waters, and making adjustments as needed.

So, I had a huge seedless watermelon in the fridge that the kids had hacked to death, trying to cut their own slices with butter knives. The thing was a hot mess, so I thought, why not juicing this thing? And since I have a huge bag of lemons from my neighbor's tree, why not try making Watermelon Lemonade?

I set my littlest Love on the task of scooping out the watermelon guts while I juiced two lemons. I dumped it all into a blender & let it rip. In hindsight, I would try this again by maybe adding the juice of just half a lemon to start, because it was just too tart. We added sugar. Then, it was too, well, ZING! WHOO! WOW! That's the only way I could describe it- deliciously sweet & tart at the same time. We added more water, which in the end we achieved something closer to the taste I expected. I would have preferred to use no sugar or water, so next time-if there is one- I'll use much less lemon.

In the end, the kids had fun getting sticky, and not finishing their too-sweet treat. But they're my sweet little life lessons all the same.

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