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Things of Spring

I decided this weekend it was time to take a break from Instagram yet again. While at times the tool is a great place to connect with like-minded people and find inspiration, I also find it to be a dangerous distraction from everyday life, among other things. And to be frank, I was just scrolling too much. I'll be back at some point, maybe, but for now I'd like to break some habits. With that, I hope to start posting more here instead. At this point in the day I am only a few sips of coffee in, so it's hard to type and the thoughts aren't too deep, so now I think I'll start by logging in last week's weekly round up of recent snaps. Remember when that was a thing in blogging? Now blogs of any stature are planned out like magazines, photographed and written in batches. I want to start bringing the old ways back. I'm over here blogging like it's 2010 you guys!

The rose I mistakenly snipped too short, sitting in a bowl of water so we can enjoy her divine scent.

Left the doors open much of the weekend.

Distance learning outside is the best way to distance learn!

Furry trespasser trying to catch lizards. I miss having kitties, so I didn't shoo this one away.

The peaches are coming!

I have four garden sage plants that are exploding this spring! I am wanting to try to make smudge sticks. I'll let you guys know if this one burns correctly or not.

Library days.

It drizzled a few days this week, in pure April fashion. It's like we are living in a nursery rhyme!

The result of library days & rain: endless reading in your PJs. Hope you all have a wonderful week!

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