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Saying goodbye to 2020!

2020 was an interesting year in the Peach Tree House. All in all, I wouldn't say it was our worst year by any means. Staying home together was a welcome relief honestly. I loved it. I still do, even though it feels that the time to pivot again is coming. 2020 felt like a period of waiting to me. I have been wanting for change, aching for it, and 2020 felt like a quick peek into that change. It may come in 2021, maybe it won't, but I am relieved for the insight and clarity that 2020 brought.

In 2020 we worked from home, found new passions, bonded as a family, strived for wellness in the outdoors. We discovered camping and visited 4 National Parks. We checked a LOT of our home to-dos in the Spring, adding the long-awaited garden shed, adding the field fence we have always wanted, fruit trees, put in a garden, and got a new front door! The kids got a year older.... Honey Bear and I did too. It was a wonderful year actually and unlike everyone, I can't say good riddance just yet. I loved almost every minute.

Thank you 2020 for being weird, hopeful, DIFFERENT.

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