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Coloring Page Printable: Tree Hugger!

In my blog post yesterday I shared a couple photos of my kids laying on this big oak tree in the hills near our home. The oak was old & magical, with hearts & names carved into it, and one of the branches had the words Love Tree carved into it. I love that tree so much, and I loved seeing my little ones climbing it's branches. They're turning into a bunch of little tree huggers, I said on Instagram. Haha! Later in the day my Sweet asked if I was going to make another coloring page, and since it had been two months, I thought it might be time! Maybe I'll try to bring these back weekly (or monthly... to start). I hope you guys get as much of a kick out of my little bunny tree-hugger & the Love Tree!

Download to print the page here!

Other printables are here!

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