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Artist Mother

Finally, finally, finally. I reopened my Etsy store for the 100th time and listed a few paintings. Not the 100th time, literally, but you know what I mean. Cue vicious cycle of self doubt, insecurity, curiosity, creation, self-doubt, again. I suppose being an artist and sharing your art is a sensitive thing, but for a soft heart like mine, it is often very hard. Excruciating! But getting into the practice of sharing, and then letting go... it can almost be as therapeutic as the creating process itself.

So, I let go a little more, a little at a time. Today I listed two still life pieces and a landscape. Landscapes are my bread and butter, but as I find myself evolving and sharing my curiosity for things, I find that landscapes may only be my jumping off point. I know more is to come.

My Etsy is here and my Arts-tagram is here!

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